Beginers Classes

This class introduces you to the practice of yoga. You will learn simple breathing technique’s to reduce stress and re-energise your mind and body. You will learn yoga postures, stretches for flexibility and correct posture. This class is also suitable for those who have taken a break from yoga for a while and who wish to come back to the class or anyone who is recovering from an injury.

Intermediate Classes

These classes are for students who have been practicing yoga for a while and want to build on their strength and flexibility. You will learn more advanced breathing technique’s, yoga postures, yoga flow., relaxation/meditation. Yoga postures are held longer to build on strength while connecting with the breath.  Students continue to advance their practice, gaining more strength, flexibility as the yoga practices become stronger and more challenging.


Our Style

The class starts with body awareness and breath awareness which calms and focus your mind for the class, warm-up and loosening muscles and joint mobility exercises to prepare for yoga poses and prevention of injury.

A wide variety of yoga postures are covered with emphasis on spinal movements from standing to sitting to forward and gentle back-bends, side bends and twists.

For Intermediate yoga classes ‘yoga flow’ movements such as ‘sun salutation’ are taught where breath and movement are linked or simpler yoga postures for beginners.  Attention is given to core/back strength within each class.

At the end of each class, there is a long relaxation of savasana (yogi sleep) 10 mins to let go of all efforts, relax every muscle and be present

After the class, students are usually feeling stretched and toned.  Mentally they are feeling calm and very relaxed experiencing a sense of well-being

classes are suitable for both beginners and anyone who has been practising yoga for some time.  Students are encouraged to move with their breath moving in and out of postures and work to their own ability during the class.  There is also an emphasis on proper alignment of the body to ensure student ease and safety


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